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Enginetech camshafts are manufactured at OE facilities using strict SPC data to ensure a quality product every time. Metallurgy testing is performed throughout the manufacturing process from casting to finish grinding and induction hardening.

Enginetech has the cams you need for any job from stock replacement to RV grinds and special high performance applications. All of our products are inspected by our engineering department to ensure our products maintain our high quality standards.

Superior Quality Camshafts

Enginetech specializes in providing high performance camshafts for domestic, import, and high performance applications. We even have our own brand of Enginetech cams, Dr. Bumpstick cams. To learn more about the quality camshafts provided by Enginetech, contact one of our Sales and Service Pros at 1-800-869-8711 or send an inquiry from the form on the contact page. We would love to hear from you, today!

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Enginetech Camshafts Overview with Joe Munoz

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Our Catalog is an easy-to-use site that allows customers to find the correct parts for their rebuild. The Enginetech Catalog is available 24/7 for all current Enginetech customers. Contact us for your login credentials.

Other Enginetech Products

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If you like our cams, then you might also like our cam bearings. Our cam bearings are a perfect addition to your rebuild. Our cam bearings are designed with the rebuilder in mind and inspected by our engineering department! To learn more about our cam bearings, then click on the link below!

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